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How can I take care of myself?
  • Forget about housework and try to sleep when the baby sleeps.
  • When you are tired, lie down for feedings.
  • Eat enough food to satisfy your hunger and have something to drink or eat beside you each time you sit down to nurse.
  • Keep meals simple — such as a sandwich, soup, and fruit.
  • And limit caffeinated drinks to no more than two a day.
  • Check with your doctor before taking any medications.

Many women experience mild nipple soreness in the first few days of breastfeeding. This is normal and should only last a few days. To soothe sore nipples, gently rub breastmilk into your nipples at the end of a feed.

If the soreness does not go away or gets worse, see a breastfeeding counselor right away. Call your local WIC office or 1 (800) 514-6667 for breastfeeding help. The soreness is most likely caused by the way the baby is latching on or is positioned at the breast. Once the cause of soreness is corrected, it will quickly go away.

Do You Have Questions About Breastfeeding? Contact Your Local WIC or Call the Breastfeeding Hotline
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