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FAQ: Change of Address

What should I do if I move to a new address?

If you are in the same part of town contact your WIC office and let them know your new address.

If you move to a different town or different part of town call the closest WIC office and request a transfer of your records to the new office. To locate the nearest office call 1(800)942-3678. It may take up to 4 business days for the new clinic to receive your information.

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What should I do if I move from Texas to another state?

Ask your WIC office to give you Verification of Certification form to take with you to your new state.

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Will I be able to use my Texas WIC benefits in another state?

No. Texas WIC benefits can only be used in Texas. You will need to make an appointment at the WIC office in your new state in order to have benefits issued.

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What should I do if I just moved to Texas from another state?

Contact the local WIC office in your area to let them know you want to transfer WIC participation from another state. If you do not know the nearest WIC clinic in your area, call 1(800)942-3678 for assistance.

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