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Choosing WIC Foods at the Store

When you’re at the grocery store, you’ll see the “WIC Approved Item” stickers on shelves throughout the store. Grocery stores use these stickers on certain WIC foods to show you which brands you need to choose when shopping at that particular store. Look for the WIC sticker on store shelves when you shop for the following foods:

  1.  Fluid Milk
  2.  Cheese
  3.  Juice
  4.  Beans
  5.  Whole Grain Options

But not all foods are marked with WIC stickers. For example, when shopping for breakfast cereals and infant cereals, you’ll need to look at the WIC Shopping Guide. The guide will list the approved brands of cereal that you can choose.

Lastly, some WIC foods are known as “any brand” foods. That means you can choose any brand you want, but you still need to check your WIC Shopping Guides to see what package sizes and varieties are allowed. You can choose any brand of these WIC foods:

  •  Peanut Butter
  •  Eggs
  •  Canned Tuna and Salmon
  •  Fruits and Vegetables
  •  Baby Foods (not including infant cereal)
  •  Dry Milk and Evaporated Milk
  •  Soy Milk
  •  Tofu
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