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Nutritional Benefits of Protein Rich Foods

protein rich foods

Protein rich foods such as lean meat and poultry, beans, eggs, and fish help your family grow and maintain healthy tissues. Many of these foods also contain iron which helps carry oxygen in the blood and prevent anemia.

WIC Protein Rich Foods include:

  • eggs
  • dried beans, split peas or lentils and/or peanut butter
  • canned tuna and/or salmon (for exclusively breastfeeding mothers only)

Dinner in an Instant

Tuna Salad

Try Tuna Salad tonight

Your WIC foods provide many nutrients to help your family stay healthy

  • Dried beans, peas, and peanut butter are good sources of plant protein and iron. Getting enough iron in the diet is important to prevent anemia and help you and your children stay energized.
  • Fish such as salmon and tuna contain healthy oils called omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart health.

*Tofu and dairy foods are also good sources of protein.

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