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Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables

Depending on client category, WIC participants receive $8.00 to $11.00 in cash value benefits each month for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.  Look for the amount your family receives on your WIC Shopping List.
  • Herbs and spices are not allowed.

It’s easier than ever to use all of your fruit and vegetable WIC benefits.

You can now pay with cash, credit, debit, or SNAP if you go over the fruit and vegetable dollar amount on your WIC card at any store that takes Texas WIC.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fruits and Vegetables

How can I avoid going over my cash value benefit?

  • Weigh them. Weigh fresh fruits and vegetables so you will know how much they cost when you go to check out.
  • Keep it simple.  Look for items priced by quantity such as 4 grapefruit for a dollar.
  • Total them.  Add up your frozen and fresh produce before you reach the check-out lane.
  • Track them.  Check your “Ending WIC Balance” on your receipt each time you shop. 

How can I get the most fruits and vegetables for my money?

  • Buy in season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresher, taste better and are less expensive.
  • Go frozen. Frozen vegetables are easy to prepare, offer the same nutritional benefits of fresh vegetables and often cost less.
  • Get specials. Look for weekly specials at the store.

If I don’t use the full cash value benefit amount, will it roll over to the next month? 

No, unused WIC benefits cannot rollover to the next month. 

Can I use coupons or store member reward cards?

You can use coupons for WIC items, but depending on the promotion and the store, the coupons may or may not decrease the amount removed from your card.

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