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Using Your WIC Shopping List

shopping listAt your WIC appointment you'll receive your Texas WIC Shopping List. All of your family member’s WIC foods will be added together and printed on your WIC Shopping List.

Your WIC Shopping List shows the number of items and package sizes you can get. Read your WIC Shopping List carefully and take it with you on your first shopping trip to the store each month. But when you shop again later in the month, take your most recent store receipt that has your ending WIC balance. That way, you’ll know what foods are left on your card for the rest of the month.

Note: Most numbers on the WIC Shopping List show quantities. For example, “4.50 gal” refers to 4½ gallons.

However, for fruits and vegetables, a dollar amount is listed. For example, “$6.00 VALUE” refers to $6 worth of fruits and vegetables.