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Welcome, Health Care Providers
Information for Physicians, Nurses, Dietitians, and other Health Care Providers

You are a key partner in helping WIC participants make healthy choices. Here you will find breastfeeding promotion and support resources and WIC medical request forms.

WIC encourages all new moms to breastfeed according to medical recommendations - exclusively for six months with continued breastfeeding along with solid foods for at least one year. For mothers who can't or choose not to exclusively breastfeed, WIC provides limited amounts of infant formula. Most infants will need more formula than WIC is able to provide each month.

Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding Support Hotline: 1-855-550-6667

  • Free help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Lactation Consultants (IBCLC’s) and peer counselors are on-call to answer your questions about breastfeeding. Get professional advice on pumping, latch and position, medications, and returning to work or school.

WIC Lactation Support Centers - free lactation support services for all moms

Breastfeeding Trainings

Health care Provider’s Guide to Breastfeeding app (free!)

health care provider with breastfeeding mom

Texas WIC provides Similac Advance or Similac Soy Isomil if infant formula is requested. All other formulas require a completed Medical Request Form for Formula/Food found at the link in the box below. Requests are subject to WIC approval and provision based on policy and procedure.