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Requesting Formula and Foods

WIC can provide noncontract formula and modified food packages when needed.* Before requesting a noncontract formula, check the list of Texas WIC Contract Formulas to see if WIC already offers a formula that is appropriate for your patient. If there is not a suitable choice, OR if you need to request any type of formula for a patient over 12 months of age (contract or noncontract), you’ll need to complete a request form. Click on the appropriate link below for instructions:

How to Request Noncontract Formulas

How to Request Metabolic Formulas

How to Request Soy Milk

*Please note: all requests for noncontract formula are subject to approval by the Texas WIC program. This approval process is designed to help providers offer the best care for WIC participants. WIC is able to approve most requests for formulas that are listed in the Texas WIC Formulary and have the proper medical documentation based on reasons for issuance as noted in the Texas WIC formulary.

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