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WIC Food Packages - Click for more info

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WIC Food Packages for Mothers and Infants

Before their babies are born, pregnant WIC participants learn about the two food package choices they will have after their baby is born: either the Exclusively Breastfeeding Package or the Formula Package. The Exclusively Breastfeeding Food Package has far more food for moms compared to the formula package, and no formula. Also, starting at age 6 months of age, the babies receive much greater quantities of baby foods. What’s more, WIC advertises the availability of free breast pumps and breastfeeding counselor support as part of the exclusively breastfeeding package.

After the first month their babies are born, participants have a third choice: the Mostly Breastfeeding Package. The Mostly Breastfeeding Package has less food than the Exclusively Breastfeeding Package, but includes a small amount of formula. To view photos and detailed descriptions of the foods included in each food package, click here.

mother holding infant